Nihongo Neko Cult

Queen of Swords; by Buck Rogers
Apocalypse Gallery and Design Studio
There's a certain age people reach, where they look back at the live they've lived and forward at the life that awaits them and they say, "Yeah, fuckit. Apocalypse Death Cult is a vibe."

“The End is Extremely Fucking Nigh”

Wall Graffiti, 28 Days Later

Lilith of Abaddon

Abaddon, Lilith. Ash'Nyx: Blinding Dawn. 2021, Private Collection, Minneapolis
Ash Nyx: Goddess Scorned
Blinding Dawn of the Burning Morning

Stupid Thoughts I Have, Poetry, Meditations Upon Demanding Morality of your Creator and Accepting ‘God’s Law’ to mean either ‘Morally Justified’ or ‘False’.

We Must Dissent

A short meditation on Jesus’ super powers and why only The Devil can make him feel complete.

The Illuminati rule the minds of all those whom faith in God and Government have failed; in the mind of man, an invented evil God is better than an imperfect one.